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Our Proposals

Draft Illustrative Masterplan

Draft Illustrative Masterplan

Draft Illustrative Masterplan key

Working together, Barratt Homes and Bloor Homes North West will deliver a community-focused development, with a considerate approach to the local area. The proposals for land south of Holt Road would deliver:

  • A residential development of up to 600 high-quality new homes, delivered by Barratt Homes and Bloor Homes North West, two of the UK’s most recognisable and reliable home builders;
  • A range of property types and tenures to meet local needs, including homes suitable for first time buyers, growing families and those looking to downsize;
  • Affordable properties for those currently struggling to purchase a property and needing assistance. This includes first time buyers, the elderly and key workers, such as teachers and nurses;
  • An attractive residential development that will include a range of house sizes, such as detached, semi-detached and terraced properties offering 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms;
  • A sensitively and well-designed scheme, with an emphasis on green spaces for informal play, as well as an equipped play area for new and existing residents;


  • A new residential development that will retain existing trees and hedgerows, where possible, and provide additional planting and landscaping;
  • A network of green corridors for pedestrians and cyclists to use and avoid dependency on the car;
  • A scheme that provide a variety of character areas to ensure rich, vibrant and distinct identities across the site;
  • Additional Council Tax receipts for Wrexham County Borough Council from the new properties which provides much needed funding for local public services;
  • An economic boost for local shops and businesses in the area with increased numbers of people living and spending locally; and
  • The creation of jobs in the construction industry, including opportunities for young people through training and apprenticeship programmes.