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Site Considerations

To build and enhance our local community, it is important that we have given detailed consideration to the site and the local area. You can find more information on each of these aspects below:


Our homes are built to the highest standards ensuring a design that complements the local community. Our plans are the result of careful consideration and detailed study of the area to deliver a fitting and appropriate development. Our extensive considerations are outlined in our draft Design & Access Statement Document which you can read by visiting here.

It’s not just how our developments look, it’s how it feels. The use of space and how the plans are laid out makes a big difference. You can read about how we have considered the layout of the site in our report and see how we have used this to prepare our illustrative masterplan here. You can also view our parameter plan here which outlines the spatial arrangements necessary to deliver the illustrative masterplan, along with key elements which guide the design quality of the scheme.


We know that Wrexham needs new homes - the Council’s own plans show this. Wrexham County Borough Council’s emerging Local Development Plan sets out the policies for development in the Borough. Our planning statement shows that the scheme we are bringing forward addresses local housing need in a considerate and appropriate manner. You can view our Planning Statement here.

The development will also deliver a number of economic benefits. A summary is provided here.

A Welsh Language & Welsh Communities Impact Statement has been prepared which considers how the development may impact on population and housing, economics, education, infrastructure, as well as other general considerations. You can view the statement here.

Traffic & Highways

Being better connected is essential. Making sure our roads work for all of us is critical in ensuring we can all get on with our daily lives. Primary vehicular access will be taken directly off the A534 Holt Road / A5156 roundabout, with three potential secondary access points provided to ensure connectivity of the site. Our highways consultants are working closely with the Highway Officers to ensure that any impact on the highway network is acceptable. You can find out more by reading our Transport Assessment here.

Furthermore, the site has the potential to create a sustainable residential development as it is ideally located within walking and cycling distance of existing public transport and cycle routes, as well as along a key route to Wrexham Town Centre. You can find out how sustainable travel will be promoted in our Travel Plan here.


Land south of Holt Road lies within an area designated as Flood Risk Zone A, where the risk of flooding from rivers or the sea is classified as low.

Our expert technical team has conducted extensive surveys to ascertain how the development can be delivered and which demonstrates that the scheme is acceptable and will not increase flood risk locally. Furthermore, the proposals include an outline drainage scheme. You can read more about our approach to drainage in our Flood Consequence Assessment available here.


An Ecological Survey has been undertaken to evaluate existing habitats and species on land south of Holt Road and concludes that whilst the majority of the site has little ecological value, the mature trees and vegetation around the site are considered important corridors for wildlife.

These may offer suitable foraging, nesting and commuting habitat for a range of wildlife, including birds, bats and mammals. As such, our proposals will provide additional planting to support opportunities for ecological enhancement and to allow existing wildlife to flourish. You can read more about our approach to ecology in our Ecological Assessment Report available here

Trees & Hedgerows

An arboricultural survey has been undertaken to ascertain the condition of existing trees and hedgerows on site. This has determined that existing individual trees are located along the site boundaries and internal hedgerows provide connections to the wider landscape. You can read the findings of the preliminary Arboricultural Impact Assessment here.


A Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment has been undertaken to identify and consider the effects of the development on the character and features of the landscape, as well as on people’s views and visual amenity. The assessment concludes that the impact of the development is not significant, and which will be enhanced by open spaces, trees and mitigation planting. The Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment is available to view here.

Land Investigations & Minerals

The site consists of areas of open farmland, but to identify potential constraints to redeveloping the land, several assessments have been undertaken to assess the ground conditions at land south of Holt Road. A topographical survey has gathered data regarding natural and man-made features of the site, as well as its elevations, and can be viewed here. A Contamination Assessment has been undertaken to ascertain existing ground conditions and you can find the report here.

Furthermore, the site is in an area designated as a Mineral Safeguarding Area for sand and gravel resources. As such, a Prior Extraction Assessment has been undertaken to assess whether residential development would be compatible with relevant mineral safeguarding. You can find out more by reading the assessment here.


A Heritage Assessment has been prepared as part of the application to assess the heritage significance and archaeological potential of the site. The assessment has established that there are no designated archaeological assets on the site. To find out more, you can review the heritage assessment here.


The developers are committed to creating a sustainable development at land south of Holt Road. As such, a Sustainability Statement has been prepared which outlines how the developers will reduce emissions across all homes, such as through improved energy efficient measures, such as improved thermal fabric efficiency, air tightness and effective heating controls. Further details can be found in the Sustainability Statement here.

Noise & Air

Noise and air pollution can impact on people's heath and quality of life, as well as the natural environment. To ensure the development does not create noise and air pollution that could detrimentally impact on both existing and future residents, assessments have been undertaken to predict the potential impact of the development.

A Noise Assessment has been undertaken and demonstrates that the scheme is acceptable, and a suitable level of protection will be provided for new residents of the development. To read more about the noise impact of the development, you can read the Noise Assessment here.

Furthermore, the Air Quality Assessment has considered the impact of traffic generated from the site in terms of air quality, as well as the effect during construction. The studies show that the impact of traffic emissions is predicted to be negligible, with mitigation measures proposed during the construction phase to address potential impacts, such as dust. Further details can be found in the Air Quality Assessment available here.

Local Amenities

We know that thousands of new homes are needed in Wrexham and that new residents will need to use local services. There are a number of schools in the area such as Borras Park Community Primary School, Ysgol Morgan Llwyd, Hafod Y Wern Community Primary School and Rhosnesni High School, and we will work with them when bringing forward our plans. In addition, there are nearby GP Surgeries including the Borras Park Surgery and Caia Park Surgery; both of which are taking new patients.

As part of our proposed development, we are working closely with Wrexham County Borough Council to ensure that local services and amenities have the capacity to cope with local growth.

High quality homes