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Deliver the Homes that Wrexham needs

Wrexham is not immune from the pressures on the housing market. There is a shortage of homes and the right type of homes. To meet demand, address housing need and to deliver the new homes that Wrexham desperately requires, we have to work as a community to bring forward plans that can deliver for the area.

Wrexham is in the process of preparing its Local Development Plan. The need for new homes in the Region is a core aspect of the proposed Local Development Plan and it is underpinned by a key strategic policy of “providing accessible housing to meet the identified needs of the local population including the needs of an ageing population, providing affordable and market housing”. It is estimated that the Borough needs at least 8,525 homes over the next 15 years to keep up with the growing population.

Meeting Wrexham’s Ambition

Wrexham, alongside other local authorities in North Wales, forms part of the North Wales Economic Ambition Board. This board demonstrates the Region’s desire to be a real economic driver for the country, harnessing the strengths of North Wales and delivering for local residents. The vision of the board is to create “120,000 new job opportunities” and grow the local economy to £20 billion per year.

New homes in Wrexham are crucial to delivering North Wales’ economic ambitions. With this economic growth comes population growth and over the next ten years, it is predicted that Wrexham’s population could increase by over 12,000 people. Wrexham is uniquely located, close to the strategic road network providing links to Manchester, Chester, Liverpool and the wider UK motorway network as well as good access to North Wales. There is a significant opportunity here; by building new homes, we can realise it.

Wrexham County Borough Council’s emerging Local Development Plan states that the land south of Holt Road can deliver up to 1,680 new homes as part of the wider scheme, although we are not bringing forward proposals for the entire site. Our plans will deliver a sensitively designed scheme of up to 600 new homes.

It is important that new development is done appropriately and, against this background, the site (and the land to the south) has been identified as a key strategic site to meet housing growth in Wrexham.


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